Montessori Certificate Program

The non-degree Montessori Certificate Program is for students seeking Montessori training without a degree. Upon successful completion of the program, students will receive a Chaminade University Montessori Certificate which may be used towards the recommendation of an AMS Montessori Credential at the Early Childhood Level. Courses are delivered through both online and on-campus summer intensive sessions.

The course requirements for this program include:

Montessori Foundation
ED 461 Montessori Child Development (3)
ED 466 Montessori Philosophy (3)
ED 474 Integrated Curriculum Foundations (3)
ED 479 Leadership in Early Childhood Education & Montessori (3)

Montessori Methods
ED 432A Culturally Appropriate Practices and Montessori Methods (3)
ED 432B Development of the Senses and the Montessori Methods (3)
ED 440 Language Arts & Montessori Methods (3)
ED 445 Math & Montessori Methods (3)

Montessori Practicum
ED 493A Seminar Montessori Early Childhood (3)
ED 497A Student Teaching: Montessori Early Childhood (3)
ED 493B Seminar Montessori Early Childhood (3)
ED 497B Student Teaching Montessori Early Childhood (3)