Montessori Certificate Program

The non-degree Montessori Certificate Program is for students seeking Montessori training without a degree. Upon successful completion of the program, students will receive a Chaminade University Montessori Certificate which may be used towards the recommendation of an AMS Montessori Credential at the Early Childhood Level. Eight of the twelve courses are delivered online and the remaining four courses are hybrid, which require attending a four week summer intensive on-ground session.

The course requirements for this program include:

Montessori Foundation
CEED 461 Montessori Child Development
CEED 466 Montessori Philosophy
CEED 474 Integrated Curriculum Foundations
CEED 479 Leadership in Early Childhood Education & Montessori

Montessori Methods
CEED 432A Culturally Appropriate Practices and Montessori Methods
CEED 432B Development of the Senses and the Montessori Methods
CEED 440 Language Arts & Montessori Methods
CEED 445 Math & Montessori Methods

Montessori Practicum
CEED 493A Seminar Montessori Early Childhood
CEED 497A Student Teaching: Montessori Early Childhood
CEED 493B Seminar Montessori Early Childhood
CEED 497B Student Teaching Montessori Early Childhood