Obtaining a Military Discount

In order to receive one of the discounts offered to Chaminade University active duty and non-active duty military members, documentation is required for verification of service or affiliation. Annual re-verification is required for all students, except those that were previously verified with a military status of Veteran, Discharged, or Retired. Students must complete one of the following options to verify their military status.

Option 1 (On-Island Only): Show military ID card in-person to a PACE representative.

  • Disclaimer: Copies of Military ID’s are not allowed. The photocopying of U.S. Government identification cards is a violation of the Title 18, U.S. Code Part I, Chapter 33, Section 701 and punishable by fine and imprisonment.

Option 2: Submit corresponding required documents to a PACE representative, either electronically or in-person.

Military Documents

Active Duty, National Guard and Reserve

  • DA Form 669 within last 3 months
  • LES within last 3 months
  • Reenlistment Contract
  • Military transcript within last 3 months (JST or CCAF)
  • Military Orders within last 12 months
  • Memorandum/Statement of Service signed by Command Representative or Veterans Affairs

Veteran, Discharged, Retired

  • Military transcript (JST, CCAF, AARTS, or SMART)
  • DD-214 or NGB-22 (Include Character of Service)
  • Orders concerning discharge/retirement
  • Veterans Affairs Benefits Certificate of Eligibility
  • Letter from Veterans Affairs containing: Dates of Service, Branch of Service, Character of Service, on official letterhead, dated and signed by Veterans Affairs official (manager/director)

DoD Civilian Employees

  • DoD LES within last 3 months
  • SF50 – Notification of Personnel Action within last 3 months

Military Dependents*

  • One of the above listed military documents for Active Duty, Reserve, National Guard, Veteran, Discharged, or Retired sponsor; and
  • Copy of Marriage Certificate (Spouse) or Birth Certificate (Child)

*DoD Civilian Employee dependents are not eligible to receive a military tuition rate.