Liberal Arts

Liberal Arts is an interdisciplinary program that requires students to takes courses in English, Literature, Mathematics, History, Fine Arts, Social Sciences, Religion, Philosophy, Natural Sciences, and Global Awareness. This degree provides students with a well-rounded education for successful continuation in a baccalaureate degree program.

Required Coursework

Students working toward an Associate’s degree must complete a minimum of 60 credit hours of coursework, which includes general education requirements, major requirements and electives.

For coursework requirements, please consult your advisor.

Graduation Requirements

  • Completion of a minimum of 60 credit hours of coursework.
  • Completion of general education courses required for all Associate degrees.
  • Minimum cumulative GPA of 2.0 (for all work completed at Chaminade).
  • Minimum 15 credit hours of coursework much be completed at Chaminade.
  • Minimum of 12 credit hours in student’s selected concentration must be taken at Chaminade.